This product sizzle reel assists GridBox Design in presenting new products to their distributors. We captured the enjoyment and functionality of several products, including these customizable headbands.

Holiday Recipes Mash-up

Sent out as a video "holiday card", this mash-up blends together several holiday recipes featuring a variety of Southeastern Mills products. This functioned as a gateway to a YouTube page featuring the full video recipes.

5 Rabbit Commercial

Winner of the 2013 "30 Seconds Over Chicago" craft beer advertising competition, this commercial represents our version of the creative pitched. In collaboration with Gary Alfredson, RHG Creative, Earhole Studios, and Red Car, this commercial competed against 36 other productions and took top prize.

Evanston Employment

This commercial documentary was designed to showcase some of the key benefits of working in downtown Evanston. Acquirent plans to use this video to help recruit new talent for their Evanston office.

J Press 720 Sizzle Reel

Winner of a 2011 Pixie Award, this sizzle reel highlights features included in Fujifilm’s J Press 720. Styled after a high-end car commercial, this engaging video pays special attention to detail and aesthetics.

Carillon Club TV Spot

A television commercial developed to advertise the feeling one gets from living at D.R. Horton's Carillon Club. This was one from a series of commercials developed for the housing community.

Best Vacuum TV Spot

One of six television commercials created for Best Vacuum. This spot features two women at a gym making light of the store's name.
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